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I received a comment from my dear blog-friend, Eric John Baker, on my post in reference to weather warnings and hurricane Sandy.  He was so right in what he said, because after reading his comment, I went back and read my post and my replies to comments and was very ashamed.  I do apologize for not making it clear that I do very much sympathize with all the people who were in the path of “Sandy.”  She was devastating.  I know how devastating because I have personally lived through a couple of hurricanes (before we moved from Texas), and have also visited and witnessed for myself, post-storm, some of the areas so damaged by such hurricanes – even the so-called light ones in Category 1.  Believe me, folks, what category 1 storms can do is awe inspiring, and awful!

I will add that what I was attempting to say is that despite my flippant attitude toward weather forecasters’ predictions, it is important to OVER-prepare yourself, because storms are very mercurial and do not pay attention to weather forecasters at all!  (It’s a scandal, really!  I mean, where do they get off?)  I did not mean to minimize the damage nor to say that all of those who suffered so much are just whiners, out for themselves and any government handouts they can get!  Far from it!  I ask all of you to keep in your thoughts and prayers all who were in Sandy’s path, and to give whatever you can to the aid society of your choice.  Ashley and I always contribute to the “Advance Special” project of UMCOR (The United Methodist Committee on Relief).  They are an excellent group of dedicated people who serve throughout the world, and are almost always in the “first wave” of aid workers to arrive wherever disaster strikes.  It’s also good to know that with UMCOR, 100% of donations go directly to the affected people in the form of food, clothing, shelter, and a myriad of other helpful needed ways, and not to any administrative costs, which are covered by other funding entities.

The rest of this post is a copy of my “Status” for today on Facebook.  So many of my friends and family were disappointed in the outcome of yesterday’s election, that I wanted to share a bit of not only Hubs’ and my joy and relief, but also to say that we understand and sympathize with those who suffered defeat after a very long and hard-fought campaign.  I want it known that political preferences might be important but not so important that they should come between friends and/or family members and ourselves.  Mutual respect is vital, as it will be most especially in the coming months as we seek as a government to settle many critical financial issues.  All well-thought-out feelings are worth our respect, and no one is more “right” than another.  All have valid points to be made, and how any one person decides for which candidate to vote is a personal and private decision – if they choose to make it so.

“It struck me as extremely ironic that the states where I have relatives living (Massachusetts, Ohio, and Oregon) went my way in the election, and my home state did not!  I guess I was too busy “working” for Obama where those folks are than in my home state, which is an example of my own apparent lack of humility. . .I believed that Ashley and I (and Josh and Matt and Zoë)  were enough to swing NC our way. . . Lesson learned.

“My prayers are with both the winners and all those who were not elected – particularly the Romney family as they move on to find other areas of service – which I am certain they will.  And my prayers are with every single person who has made the choice to serve in the government at any and all levels, that those with good sense will have power and that those with power will have and use good sense, and that the rest of us will have the patience to deal with all of them in the meantime. 

“In today’s society, it is a choice of either remarkable courage or incredible chutzpah to run for public office, and as a whole, I take off my hat(s) to them.  Knowing that God is neither republican nor democrat (in fact the first and only true independent!), nor is God an American (at least not exclusively!), I offer my fervent prayer that God will continue to pour out upon us God’s manifold blessings, and that we will remember to be grateful every moment of our lives.

“How would your life be today if you woke to find that you have only the things that you had thanked God for yesterday? How great is our God, that God would continue to bless us with everything we need, blessing us to be blessings to all – even when we do not behave as the people of faith we proclaim to be!! I certainly thanked God last night for my wonderful family, both immediate and extended, and the countless friends that have enriched my life.  You all have shared the blessings of your love with me and with all of your “neighbors.”  Thank you one and all for your unfailing kindness.  I love you all.”


I wish for you all the abundance of enough. . .