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As a shameless act of self-promotion, I beg your indulgence in reading the following two posts, accompanied with a request and a special deal – just for my favorite readers – of course you all know that if you are actually reading this you are automatically my favorite readers.

As you can probably figure out, my readership stats are on the downturn.  I am not at all surprised nor particularly discouraged, but I would love for them to rise again to my 100+ per day.  There are a number of reasons for the drop, number one of which is that I have not been reciprocating the visits of those who visit mine.  Another reason is that I am not posting on a regular schedule.  The reason for that is that like an idiot, I signed up for NaNoWriMo.  1700 words/day plus my two blogs, plus my poetry editing have been taxing my brain as well as my eyes. (A story for later.)  Plus I want to get outside at least daily to do some photography.  It’s a way for me to relax (or “unlax” as my dad used to call it!).

So you can see, “My cup of work” (work I love) is overflowing.  I have to pick and choose each day what I will spend the most time on – NaNoWriMo, because it has a time limit, is the most important right now.

I have also begun a new enterprise. I am offering a Greeting Card Line featuring my own photography. If you are looking for a special card for just the right occasion, my site is your go-to site.  All cards are printed and shipped in 1 – 3 days.  All cards come blank inside.  Some of them have verses on the cover, but I am able to customize the card with your favorite quotation (the number of lines are limited, in proportion to the photo chosen.  I can also customize a message on the inside of your card. Send to me your favorite line from a poem, or verse of scripture, and I can add it/overlay it on the photo you have chosen, or I will use my discretion if you wish.  So far I have a few references, should you need confirmation on the quality of the finished product.  While at present my cards are more general in line, some inspirational, some humorous, I will have a Christmas Card line up for sale in time for Christmas 2013.  I expect to be offering a calendar for 2013 available soon, featuring – surprise, surprise! a butterfly for each month!

I am currently creating a catalog of my work that will be available soon for a small fee (just enough to cover my expenses )  Those who buy the catalog will receive a 15% discount on their entire first order all with my undying gratitude – especially if you share the catalog with others of your friends and family.

Self-promotion is not something I love to do, but I do love photography and creating graphic designs with my photos.  I expect to have my catalog/portfolio ready for sale soon.  Please let me know if you are interested in a copy!

Since Ashley is also an extraordinary visual artist, with considerable skill in both drawing, painting – acrylics and oil, and colored pencil and pen and ink, he will also be initiating a site.  Below you will see some examples of some of his extraordinary colored pencil work, which he will do on demand should you have a photograph you would like to have an interpreted original drawing of.   He also creates some remarkable multimedia pieces.  Until I have his artist website setup, you will have to wait a bit to see a more extensive presentation of his outstanding work.  Here, for the end of Part 1, is a sneak preview of some of Ashley’s work:

Colored pencil drawing of a horse by Ashley M. Calhoun

The following drawing of a Chinese woman was done from a photograph of one of the victims of the 2008 earthquake in the Sichuan Province of China.  The woman, aged 60, was rescued from beneath the rubble after 195 hours of burial.  Her face says it all.

This is the close of Part one to my two-post self-promotion, with an additional nod to my husband, Ashley M. Calhoun.  Part 2 coming directly, and then that will, at least for now, most definitely be enough. . .