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Short post today, so take a shallow breath, and here goes:

I noticed this morning that I had reached – Surprise! – the magic number of 200 followers of this blog!  Maybe I’ll get to 50,000 hits by the end of the year.  (Uh-huh.)

Today is supposed to be the day that you were going to have the privilege of reading my review of a spectacular new book – a first novel – by Khanh Ha, called “Flesh.”  To say that the novel is extraordinary does not even come close to describing this remarkable journey to a time and place virtually unknown by most Americans, and it is filled with people who intrigue and mystify.  It is my plan that the review will be up tomorrow, but if not, it most definitely will be up this weekend.  I hope you will set aside some time to read the review, because I really am trying to entice you to read a book that will change your perspective about many things, people, and places.

Gotta go – you can breathe now.  I’ve said enough. . .