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I’ve missed Sidey – View From the Side – all of her writing, but especially her “Weekend Themes” posted each Friday.  While Sidey is taking a well-deserved rest, I have taken it upon myself to put up a Weekend theme for those of us followers who don’t want to get out of the habit!

This was Thanksgiving week here in the USA, and since it has been written about enough, I’m giving you a break – you need not write about gratitude!  The weekend theme I’ve decided upon is:


For whatever reason it has become a  passion among many to trace their family histories.  What do you have to say about the subject?  Do you have an interesting relative to share?  Was any of your family on the Mayflower?  I can proudly say that members of my family were on Noah’s Ark.  Anyway, just as Sidey says – there are no rules!  Just post something on the theme then link your post back here so the rest of us can read what you have to say and join in on the fun!   Hope to have lots of submissions to report to Sidey when she returns!

OK!  That’s all, except to wish you all the abundance of enough. . .