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If you have not had the pleasure of meeting Zoë, (Hubs’ and my granddaughter), today’s post consists mostly of some photos I took of her while visiting her and her parents at Nags Head, NC on the OBX, where they are fortunate to live.  If you are wondering if we had a good time, you can stop wondering.  We had a fabulous and blessed time with Zoë, Suddie, Matt, and Hubs and yours truly.  It’s great that they were willing to put us up and put up with us, a couple of fogies, over the holidays.

The morning after we arrived, Zoë came and grabbed my hand, and said, “Come to my room, NeeNee!”


She was showing off for me, and did a somersault:


She got some pretty boots for Christmas from her Aunt Jacqui.  She wore them constantly, and was so proud of them.

Then she decided that she wanted to dance, and I had to join in – which of course I did (not quite as capably as she) – and she enjoyed watching herself in her closet door/mirror.  Do you know how hard it is to dance and hold a camera?  At least it kept everything but my legs and feet from showing up in the reflection!  Here are a couple of shots of our “girl in the mirror:”



If you look closely, you can see her fingerprints on the mirror – I decided not to “photoshop” them out!  I enjoyed having a go at taking photographs of mirror images!

The next day, she wanted me to see her new “Elmo” hat and mittens – another gift from an adoring admirer!  We had an interesting time learning how to get her thumbs in the “thumb pockets.”



She spent several hours being Elmo.  Then on to other things.  She was and is a very busy little one, and happy almost all the time – except maybe when she doesn’t get her way!  But, in her defense, she does get over her fits of temper very quickly, accepting her parents’ (and grandparents’) decisions.

One of the things that she enjoys these days is “Spongebob Squarepants.” On hearing this we went out on the hunt for some Spongebob paraphernalia.  We didn’t have to search hard or ,long – Spongebob is everywhere!  We got her some pajamas, which she slept in the night before we left to return home.  Still a bit sleepy, she got up to say good-bye to NeeNee and DeeDee:



It was hard to leave, but it was time to go home and rescue our companion, Princess, from the jail where we had her boarded.  Princess always hates to go, but has a wonderful time once she settles in, and enjoys the doting and loving attention of her Vet and the staff – who spoil her rotten whenever she stays, or (as she seems to think of it), is sentenced.  Needless to say, she was thrilled to see Ashley when he went to bail her out, and spent a good deal of her morning exploring every inch of her home, just to make sure we hadn’t changed anything  while she was away.

We got home on New Year’s Eve – and we have gotten so old, that we did not even consider watching the ball drop at Times Square in NYC.  As a matter of fact, I was busy most of the night just catching up a bit with the daily business that had been undone for the week we were gone.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family and friends around you!  The year 2012 was a doozy – for many of us in the blogosphere.  Lots of “ups and downs,” and plenty of “lateral moves” as well.  The best way to look at such years is to see them as good “seasoning.”  Perhaps we were being prepared for the good stuff of 2013.  In any event, as always, I wish for you all, my Gentle Readers,  love, joy, peace, hope and the abundance of enough. . .

P.S.  The last thing Zoë said to both Ashley and me was “I love you!” Life doesn’t get any better than that.  BTW, I’ll have some photos of Princess to show you soon!