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Credit: mommaohs-town_crier.wordpress.cpm

Credit: mommaohs-town_crier.wordpress.cpm

Guess what?  Today is recycle day!  This one being recycled from January 2011.  The basic numbers have changed, but the percentages have likely remained pretty static, and, even though I refuse to go through the mathematical gyrations I did for the original, I have a sneaking suspicion that the proportions are not as good as they were when the original was written.

In any event, a word in the right ear or note to the right reader might get those numbers back up.  Remember – I’m shooting for at least two things this February of my third blogoversary: 50,000 hits and a doubled following.  I know that there was actually another thing I was shooting for, but I’ve forgotten what it is.  You tell me.  What do I need to do besides start being a better blog-friend?  Anyway, here goes, from January 27, 2011.

“A Drop in the Bucket”

I believe on more than one occasion I have pointed out that I do not write this blog for the sole purpose of gaining a large readership.  I write this blog for my own enjoyment and mental exercise.  The fact that I have managed to gain a readership of any size astounds me!  Not so much because it means that x number of people have visited and/or read my blog, but that x number of people have responded to my relentless campaigning/complaining.  (I figure those two words rhymed for a reason!)

Really!  Stop and think about it!  How many of you first visited here because you felt sorry for me?  See?  I told you!  Bumming sympathy works!  I suggest you do a few “poor me” posts then tell your friends.  They will undoubtedly drum up support for you without your having to say another thing.

OK!  OK!  I’ll stop this self-unaggrandizement.  It really is just my way of putting a somewhat humorous spin on what I am about to reveal.  As of today I will have received about 3,300 “hits” on this blog – “Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror” – since September 29, 2010.  I have been blogging since February 11, 2010, but I started it on “Blogspot,” and switched over to “WordPress” the end of September.  I have no idea how many hits I had prior to that date.  I do know that based on the number of comments I have received since the move, I have received a number exponentially larger than I had before the move.  So, if a larger readership is indeed my goal, then I am going in the right direction.  (No “wrong-way Corrigan,” I!) Yay!  Thanks to all my loyal and Gentle Readers!

Now, on to statistics.  I have been wondering:  What percentage of the world’s population has been the beneficiary of my wisdom and humor, my heart-wrenching memories, my informed and uninformed opinion?  I know, you are wondering too!  So, fear not, I and my trusty calculator have come to the rescue of your own befuddled unmathematical brains!

Remember, due to the ever-changing population numbers (births, deaths, alien abductions), I am using 6,800,000,000 as the population figure which was estimated (they aren’t sure exactly how many alien abductions have taken place) as of mid-year 2010. Ever optimistic, I am guessing that by the end of the day today, January 27, 2011, the number of hits on my site will be around 3,300.  Are you ready for this?  That means that the percentage of the world’s population that have actually visited my site (on purpose or by accident – I don’t discriminate!) is. . . Drum-roll. . .

.000048529411764705885 %

Wow!  Impressive, no?  Just think – people all over the world – well, almost all (45 countries are represented so far) are now wondering “how do you pronounce Tohline?”  The fact that my Dad’s nickname, when he managed the Mobil Chemical plant in Beaumont, Texas, was “Drag-line” will give you a hint on how NOT to pronounce it!  Such is the life of Swedes who allowed immigration officials to anglicized and spell their names.  Sometimes it’s not pretty.

Since I’m still working on Emlyn Chand’s challenge for this week, this post is one of my shorter ones.  I have hit a creative snag that is consuming all of my limited “snag-handling” talents.  I took a few moments away from that job to fill you in on my readership statistic.  I know that the number of readers seems small.  I told you, it’s just a drop in the bucket, but HEY!  It’s my bucket!  And my bucket is not .000048529411764705885 % empty!  My bucket is .000048529411764705885 % full!

(It is useless to point out to me that the number of hits does not equal the number of readers. . .I choose to live in my paradise.)

For right now, for today, so far, 3300 is enough. . .


Guess what!  I remembered that other thing I want to achieve:  WILL SOMEONE FROM THE NORTHWEST TERRITORIES PROVINCE OF CANADA PLEASE CHIME IN? While I would love you to not only chime in, bit stick around up in the bell tower for a spell, once will be enough – at least as far as my flag-counter goes,  I want to check off ALL of Canada!

(Let’s make that “50,000 is enough. . .”)