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I have decided to do something different with this week’s Wordle.  Twelve words, one “Wordle-word” per line.  If you follow along, you are welcome to make suggestions as to which word should be in the next line.  The poem will not be given a title until it is finished.  I have no idea what the poem will be about, so it will be as interesting for me as I hope it might be for you.  Here is the Wordle:

At Best an Echo*

They were the first things I saw, demanding of me description,
Insisting I explain with words I did not own, nor had I wits to snare.

I waited for the dust to settle around me, bring some clearer vision;
Perhaps I would be blessed by inspiration and reason, supply for demand.

But all remains a curious unbalance between heart and mind and soul
Where once a slap would right the scale, or a thumb pressed on the site,

where my bruised heart turns blue. I face the fulcrum of sorrow and fear.
But what I have seen, is beyond simple expression; it deserves all and more.

For at this very instant, or those past, and those to come, I am lost –
in wonder, love, and praise. So silent in the splendor, no gasps would suffice,

Wings! But such language neither enfolds nor is enfolded by it, beyond
perfection. I wept in mute refusal of the offered ride, rooted myself, remained.


Were you surprised at what I saw? Did you think I could ever really lack for words? Now the end has come for this Wordle  Should I try this again in future? I think for now, this is enough. . .

* “Translation is at best an echo.”
~~George Borrow