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image from integeo-sea.com

image from integeo-sea.com

Saturday comes but once a week
But if you are retired
It might as well be seven
For all that is required.

I know I speak for myself alone
Most likely not all of whom I speak
But recently something that I read
Got me laughing until I was weak!

On the home page of my Google +
They always display some facts.
But they made a whopper of an error
In how they think a “Seniors” acts!

Here it is, I kid you not
I’ll print below verbatim
According to Google, except for a few,
Most sit around rubbing on Mentholatum!

“In the United States, 43 of seniors aged 75 and over were reported volunteering.”

What, reported to the police?  The really sad part of this is that the population of people aged 75 and over is growing rapidly, and still, only 43 of them are volunteering. . .I wonder where they volunteer?  Are they all at the same place together?  Maybe they drive around in a bus together looking for needy younger people.

In all honesty, since it is obvious that Google left out the % mark after the 43, I think we can be proud of our seniors – many of whom do more than enough. . .