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framePolymethpoterliamnia, known by most of you as “Poly,” is in need of an Avatar.  I am for the foreseeable future unable to do her any artistic justice, (and she refuses to pose for my camera, and I have been unable to “catch” her unaware), and Hubs is far too busy to take the time, so I am asking any and all who are willing to give it a try to please submit to me your own visual interpretations of Poly.  Proper credit will be given to the chosen artist(s) and a prize is being considered as well.

If you are unable to help me in this endeavor, will you please pass the word around on your own blogs?  I am giving permission to anyone to copy the text of this post to reprint on your blogs, or you may choose to word it as you wish.

Any help will be appreciated.  Whatever you are able to do will be a wonderful example of enough. . .