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My sudden spate of posting should not be construed (yet, anyway), as some sort of return to  normality on my part (heaven forbid). But I wanted to chime in – even though I’m the last person in the blogosphere to know that Sidey has delivered herself back to her loyal, loving fans once more, a treat for my birthday that is gratefully received and enjoyed “opening.”  Thank you my friend for coming back.  You were sorely missed.

The elusive photo I present to you today is one that I did recently, and is an example of “mirror photography” that Sidey mentioned in her weekend theme. I, too, had not tried it, and was pleased with how it came out – a photo of our beautiful Zoë, entertaining herself as she danced before the door-mirror in her bedroom


I’ll always love this photo – especially because I managed to get the lighting just right!

But, I discovered one other elusive photo – a self-portrait taken about three years ago,  On seeing it again, I realize why I had forgotten/lost. and/or elucidated it for all this time, and with showing it to you here I pronounce my fulfillment of the weekend theme as far more than enough. . .