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Days are long and nights seem longer without my dear Sonya.  In my last post of April 14, I stated that I would get her back from the hospital by the end of that week.  No such luck, and although I have now been reassured that my files (especially my photos and music) are in good shape, backed up properly and uncorrupted, and I can breathe a sigh of relief.  Poor Sonya was in intensive care – had to search for computer physicians as far away as Japan and elsewhere.  My C Drive just went KAPUT!!  No real warning, and it was scary, especially when I discovered that the cloud service I had signed up and paid for had only backed up about 1.5 gig of over 280 gig – and that’s just of my photos.  I am purchasing (when the money train rolls in) an external TOP-OF-THE-LINE hard drive for backup so they can be saved. The two I had used in the past were pieces of crap.  I got what I paid for – as usual.

Now, today is definitely not the beginning of my blogging on a regular or even semi-regular basis, but it is a chance to check in and thank all you wonderful people who still drop by on occasion.  This blog has not gone without at least 5 or 6 visitors a day since my last post in April!  Amazing!  I am finding that many of my newer regulars are going into the archives to catch up a bit!  Good idea – although when you figure out what you have caught up on, then please let me know!  I want to know where to begin again.

This brief post is to give you a couple of ideas that have rattled around in my empty brain.  First off, I tend to rely on my memory because I can’t write very legibly with a cast on my right arm (another bad fall – nothing broken, but bruised to a pulp!), and a splint on my left wrist and thumb since that cast was removed on the 29th.  Makes for some hard writing and/or typing.  Of course you can add to all these perils of Paula that good old AT&T struck again, and we have gone for days without any internet service.  So if you’ve written me here or in an e-mail or on Facebook and I haven’t answered, that’s why.  Hard to do it without internet connection.  Now to give you an idea of what I will be writing about – albeit slowly – there are two topics that come to mind (other than another AT&T rant, which I have exhausted pretty much already):  One:  I am going to enter into an experiment to see if it it’s possible to go for at least 24 hours consecutively without using any euphemisms for “blasphemous” expletives.  Since I haven’t started yet, I can give you just a hint of what I mean:  “Good God!” “Gracious Goodness” (or vice versa), “Oh Lord, what now?” or “Jesum Crow!” or “Jiminy Cricket!”  You all know what I’m talking about.  My grandmother’s favorite expletive was “For garden’s seed!”  Now I will not exclude from my vocabulary those times when calling upon God’s help is legitimate, such as, if I see a car accident and cry out instinctively for God to help the people involved.

I am asking you, my Gentle Readers to tell me with what I should reward myself should I make it through at least 24 hours, and hopefully beyond.  Perhaps the work and ingenuity I must come up with will be my best reward.  Let me know your thoughts.

Topic two:  A very dear friend came by yesterday  and brought us a miracle.  It can be described by me in no other way, so you’ll have to bear with me.  But the post will not be about that event exclusively, but about how God can and does work in my life – and sometimes (often) when I’m least aware of it until it is accomplished.  I spent the morning crying in joy and (almost) disbelief – God-incidences have happened for too often to me and my family over the years of our lives for me to not believe that something Wonderful is happening, or getting ready to happen all the time.  I want to share with you a bit of the teapot tempests that have been made out of devil’s cauldrons, and then turned into some delicious tea to drink.

I would also love to read some of your own God-incidences (there’s not such thing as coincidence – it’s only God acting anonymously). For those of you who find this sort of post not your cup of tea, you are welcome to ignore it without comment, but I hope you will read it – not because I have discovered something that you haven’t, but I’m telling it for myself – to prove to myself that I have discovered something over time that I had never really looked at in just that way, and because of that discovery on my part, my life has been changed for good. So bring on the falls, the casts, the wheelchairs. . .my life has only gotten better as time has passed.  Junk happens to EVERYONE>  Learning to renew, recycle, reduce and even better, to repurpose our lives is one of the greatest adventures of all.  Before I close, I ask for your prayers for my very dear friend Peggy Rabut – age 97.  She has only recently begun to suffer some health problems, and has been brought home for hospice care – with her family all around her (and my spirit there too!)  Peggy and my Mother were the same age, and I always referred to Peggy as my “other mother.”  The fact that she is having to undergo any type of suffering is heartbreaking, but somehow I know God is working through all of this – all day and all night, and that there will be joy to be had in all of this.  Someday I must tell you of this woman – Peggy Rabut – who traveled to Kenya at the age of 88 and helped build a school, I mean the real physical labor – plus taught the school children how to play “Duck-Duck-Goose” during recess.  There was a strong young man of about 16 years of age who could not beat Peggy around the circle!  Not only that, but after spending two weeks there, she flew back home to Connecticut via Nairobi/London/JFK – (with only brief stopovers – about 24 hours in the air), arriving at JFK she realized that she still had time to get in her car and get to her square dance class that evening in her home town in Westport, Connecticut.  Peggy and my Mother have always represented to me the (combined) woman I want to be when I grow up.  Maybe, God willing, I will manage to do just that.

I’ll be with you again soon.  I hope. I promise.  You are all wonderful.  Please stick with me, and I will start trying to do the same with you – especially when Sonya gets home!  You all must know by now my wish for you, but in case you are new to my meanderings, I wish you all, each and every day, the abundance of enough. . .