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Wordle 112

The Sunday Whirl this week has me running in a straight line,  for a change, but maybe not.  We’ll find out together.

status   park   rest   spill   steps   shimmering   yard   page   jets    spewing   curb   thunder

The chart read “status unchanged” followed by page after page
of what had not changed.  Such a bother.  Why not write,
“Change will be notated when change is revealed.”?

I remember little, but I remember enough, my own charmed or charming
characteristic, annoying and mystifying to some, but to the thoughtful,
a place to park one’s intellect, and rest.  Enough will always be enough.

Hesitant steps make for stumbles and spills, walking is not for the timid.
But timidity can be wisdom, the frustrating truth for those who would go
“where no one has gone before.”  I lie here, my head pillowed by a curb.

Not the worst place, depending on its use and one’s choice of definition:
Does it place me on the edge to park, or is it an obstacle to hurdle over
at break-neck speed, yet running on ahead for some worthy destination?

I look up at the sky, the sun shimmering behind the trailing cloud,
spewing from the jet that roars and thunders above me.  With a sharp
jolt, I am hefted from the place where I believed I belonged.

Securely fastened in and belted to the gurney of the ambulance interior,
and rushed to where one’s status remains unchanged; where no curb
pillows my head, and no sky on which to gaze and wonder is within sight.

I remember enough, and a yard of enough will always outshine
a mile of excess.  Breaking free from overload, taking the penny
over the pound, pockets light, worthy destinations obtainable, sharable.


I wish you all, my Gentle Readers, the abundance of enough. . .