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The following paragraph is an example of uncorrected work that my dear Sonya has been foisting off on me lately.  It took me 35 minutes to write what should have been about 500-600 words of rant about how I have gone ’round the bend.  I don’t know.  She has gotten so bad lately misplacing Carol the Cursor, jumping lines around.  Maybe she’s telling me something! Just to fix this paragraph you are reading – my last thing to do before tagging, has taken at least three times longer than it took to write it the first time.

You will not believe this:  I just published this post, and the huge long empty space?  Well, she took that away too.  Just imagine that the next thing you see here will be about 6″ of blank space I left showing how Sonya drops stuff off the map,

ply multipies some letters, and doesn’t registand I will look up and see that there iser any others at all.  And then I will spend ten or 15 minutes putting in some post or other, and I will look up and see that there is absolutely none of it on the svreen.  I don’t look at my hands or then screen, generally, when I type.  I need to start looking at something, beause I really be going underground again an’t type that well or anywhere near as accurately as I used to be able to. . .So. . .I might.  I would use Ashley’s computr, butt his cursor has started doing the same disappearing act, too. . .maybe there is a ghost in the machines. . .our machines, an yway.  So I’ll try to do the next couple pof lines right, and then sign off.

This could be the last you see of me or hear of Sonya again. . .The guys in the white coats just grabbed Sonya, and they’re looking at me rather greedily, too!

I’ve had enough. . .