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My fellow bloggers and blog readers:

Likely you have forgotten that I even write a blog, but just in case you remember, if your eyes should fall across this page, I will let you know what has been going on in my life:

Recently, by a mere happenstance it has been discovered that there is a more than 50-50 chance that I have either bladder or kidney cancer.  I have been through a number of tests and had received two positives on the cytology (cell-study exams).  Yesterday I had a IVP – an Intravenous Pyelogram, and last night got a call from the Doctor that he wants to see me on Monday.  Since they did not ask, but just made the appointment for me, I had to call this morning and tell them that I have a conflict, and so will not be able to meet with him until Tuesday morning.  It will be a long weekend’s wait, but I expect to make myself busy.

I also want you to know that I am very positive – at least I keep telling myself that I am – that whatever the tests say, I am going to be fine.  My faith in God and in the mercies of God’s unfailing grace allow me to rest from my concerns.  Interestingly enough, I am not in the least frightened.  I’m a bit miffed, however, because I expect to dance at Zoë’s wedding, which should be funny, as I didn’t even dance at my own, but in any event I fully expect to be here in the flesh to watch her grow up to womanhood.  What a treat to be a great-grandmother if I’m given the opportunity!

Life throws interesting curveballs at times, doesn’t it?  Since I’m not a pitcher by any means, I am working on my home-run hitting, or should I be behind the plate, I expect to catch them all and throw them back with confidence.

Please remember that this is not a done deal yet, and that I am by no means expecting the worst!  As a matter of fact, I am expecting the very best, and I invite you all to pray with me this weekend as I await whatever I will be told.

On a lighter note, my power wheelchair was finally delivered.  If you would like to have some fun, come over and watch me try to drive the thing!  So far I have only ripped two threshold strips from the door, and scraped the paint off the door jambs in a few place.  It’s easier outside, of course, but I find that giving me free rein does something to my need for speed, and I have scared more than a few birds and assorted woodland creatures.  I am assuming that by the time the lift for the back of the car arrives, so that I can travel away from home, I will have had enough practice to negotiate (sidewalk) traffic well enough on the outside without killing or running down people who fail to get out of my way.  It would be their fault anyway – I have a horn on it.  Also, by the way, a cell phone holder, which comes in handy as I am notorious for losing it.

More good news:  I have made enough money selling my photo prints and cards to pay for a housekeeper, who came for two days last week.  I can’t afford to keep her on as a regular yet, but I am looking forward to the day.  As I find the time and energy (both at low supply right now), I will post more photos on this site and on my “Reflected Glory” site, so try to check in once in a while.

I am constantly amazed that even after all this time has passed by, I have not had a single day without at least one or two visitors and viewers at my sites.  I am so grateful.

As I have said frequently – and with full intention of carrying out my promise – I will visit you on occasion as much as my other life demands allow.

Until next time, I hold you all in my heart and wish you, as ever, the wonderful God-given grace of enough. . .

The butterflies are at last coming in droves, so here are two quick photos of two caught recently feeding at one of our butterfly bushes:

Two butterflies I the bush are worth everything

Two butterflies I the bush are worth everything

Outside my kitchen window

Outside my kitchen window