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(I could have included photos with this article.  Once read, if you dare to, you will be happy that I did not!)

My friend Jean and I talked tonight to discuss my non-cancer diagnosis (YAY!) and also to hear the latest of my rather hasty escape from the hospital this week after the doctors reluctantly unshackled me from my misery in the horrible hospital room, tied down to multiple IV’s and completely confined to the bed. All of this because of a rather nasty case of (I will admit to cheating on the confinement bit), things other than cancer.  Turns out the day I found out I DIDN’T have cancer, I also found out that I had (unrelated) a rotten and very painful case of diverticulitis.  My suggestion for all of you: DON’T GET IT! Don’t even flirt with it – even if it offers you a nice big box of popcorn and some fresh strawberries and blackberries.

So Jean sent me a few laughs and I cannot resist passing them on in case you are in as dire need for a laugh or two as I am (even though it hurts to laugh, still)  Hope the following will serve for now, until I attempt this week’s Wordle and Sidey’s weekend theme, (perhaps, though it is getting late in the week.  But I have a feeling this is enough. . .

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Barbershop Bra Bridges Colon crane Eclipse Freq sex Jean 3

I had this ready to be posted sometime last week, but it seems that my body has accomplished what some doctors would call an impossibility – in spite of being pumped full of antibiotics of varying kinds and for different reasons, I have managed to come down with bronchitis.  Of course you all know that coughing is among my favorite things, coupled with having to be a new patron of disposable underwear. In case you are tempted to deem such personal items as conveniences, disavow yourself of such misconceptions be the end of what is and was more than enough.. . . I assure you that the last pair I don will be a great deal more than sufficient to be called enough. . .