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Sidey’s Weekend Theme has come full circle, it seems.  She announced that this past weekend’s theme is “The Circle.”  I was going to be oh so clever, and oh so sweet, but below is the result of my addled brain’s insomniac-al thinking – it ain’t good – nor clever nor sweet.  It is what it is, and believe you me, considering the recent spate of health challenges I’ve had, it’s OK, and along with the old old joke (made known to me by the late and wonderful Cajun comedian and cook, Justin Wilson), it ought to be considered enough. . .

First – my collage of the title of this post:

Now the story:

This tale takes place in a Louisiana Cajun town. A young teen-aged boy got home after his first day of high school.  His PaPa asked him at dinner what he had learned in his physics class.  The boy scratched his head, and said, “Dey teach me some strange things der in dat schoo, PaPa.”  “Well, I’m pretty smart.  Mebbe I can help.”   “Well, dis is what dat teacher dun tol’ me:  ‘Pie are square.'”  “Whaaa??” said PaPa.  “Dat teacher boy mus be a yankee.  I’ll set him straight tomorrow mornin.'”

So the boy’s father took his son to school the next day and went in to meet his physics teacher.  “”‘Scuse me, but I’m afrai’ you got t’ings turned around.  Physics is different down here.  You see, down here Pie are round. Cornbread are square.”


Now, Since I can hear you all groaning, I know I’ve done just enough. . .