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“I Have a Dream. . .”*

At a place that marks the center
of the avenue of dreams,
there is a bell – larger than any
a Quasimodo might ring.
Nothing is required for the privilege
of sounding the giant symbol of
an imagined life, but many have sought
to pay another to do the job.

Stains mark the ground around the
bell of dreams; clearly visible are the
bare places in the grass made by the sweat-drops
of the fruitless toil of those who would accept
payment to attempt to dream for another.
Acrid, bitter, and angry tears have etched the
metal of our attention, but they make no change
in the basic tones, the simple tasks required in
any new dimension we chance to enter
when we choose to allow ourselves to
wander in wonder, all on our own, magic
our only companion.

When we seek out new answers,
step out of line, refusing to face intrigue
with fear, we find fresh new perspectives,
new takes on the stale, used ideas we once thought enough,
or grew lazy enough to so believe.
We can sometimes, even without being aware
grow new grass on the bare spaces
we made when we thought it expedient, and
less wearisome to follow another’s dream.

Worlds are remade, an eighth day is added
to creation – added so that the bravest of
us, who dare to accept the invitation of
our Creator, can dream and realize a new
world, a new humanity, a purer harmony
to the music of the spheres – greater than any
angel-song, the lasting Peace that passes
the understanding of those who refuse to accept,
those who will not lift up their hearts, and cry out,

(*A meditation on the famous speech made by the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on August 28,  1963 in Washington, D.C. I wrote a different meditation on the speech more than a year ago – read it here:  https://paulatohlinecalhoun1951.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/august-28-1963/


I continue to wish for all of you the abundance of enough. . .