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Ashley Morgan Calhoun - My beloved "Hubs"

Ashley Morgan Calhoun – My beloved “Hubs”

I am writing this because I failed to make a public declaration of my love for Ashley on our 38th wedding anniversary on October 25.  Thirty-eight years!  Sounds like a lot to me, and I’ve probably made it seem a lot longer than that to him!  Poor guy! My Mom used to have a piece of paper attached to our refrigerator which read:

“I know my husband is smarter than I, because I was dumb enough to marry him, and he was smart enough to marry me!”

Allow me to rephrase that saying to fit my own circumstances:

“I know I’m smarter than my husband, because he was dumb enough to marry me, and I was smart enough to marry him!”

One more line before the obligatory “poem.”  As many of you know, my father died of colon cancer in 1991.  I have since then managed to avoid having a colonoscopy, although I attest to the correctness and safety of both my brothers in that they have been fully “colonoscopized”  My Dr. finally insisted that I have one done, so I called for an appointment.  The clerk gave me the next available date, and without a thought, I took it!  It wasn’t until a couple of days before the procedure that I realized I had scheduled my test for October 25 – our anniversary!  What a gift!  At least I have the pleasure of telling him that with three benign polypectomies,  I am squeaky clean of the dreaded “C.”

So I really have a lot to apologize for. . .but if you know me at all, you will see the following little ditty as hardly apologetic.  But I do love him:

“Plus qu’hier, moins que demain”

When Frost is on the Pumpkin

It is a beautiful day, though chilly
And my husband avows that it’s also windy.
I would know myself, were it windy or not,
but I have devised a clever plot.

Hubs wakes early – even in standard time
He always rises and dons a warm robe
Being a hot sleeper, I wear little at night
Nor do I don a robe, unless I’m in sight.

Before I rise from bed for the day
I sneak out and let Princess from her crate.
I tell her “Go find Daddy! He’ll let you out!
So she races to find him (aren’t I a lout?)

Patiently, with but a few sighs,
Hubs asks if she’d like to go outside.
Her excited leap of affirmation – no surprise.
And I smile in bed with firmly closed eyes.

For today, anyway, that’s about enough. . .