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Real? or Illusion?

Real? or Illusion?

llusion is the theme, and one she has used before, – but I’m not complaining!  Illusion has been a part of three of Sidey’s challenges  – a least as long as I have participated, but I might have missed some others! I will open this entry with the little poem I used for the theme back when it was first presented to us as the weekend theme called “The Illusion of Reality:”

I’ll keep it short and sweet this week
at least that is my aim.
An oxymoron for a theme
Shouts for me to play a game.

If reality were illusion,
as some philosophers contend
How would magic play a part
In how our visions end?

Methinks when it comes to illusions
Reality has its place,
But those for whom it matters not,
It’s staring them in the face.

There is no real reality.
There is no illusory illusion.
There’s only stupid poems like this
Designed to cause confusion.

I have no idea what I’m writing
Is it real or is it not?
It comes right from my pointed head
And is best quickly forgot.


She made it a little easier the second time around, and the weekend theme was, simply, “Illusion.” So my response differed a bit this time around.

©Paula Tohline Calhoun 2011

It must have been some spectral art,
And my willing suspension of disbelief.
That a wizard could have cast his spell
And without so much as a fare-thee-well
Leave me, taking like a thief
My sense, my reason, my stony heart.

He left me naught but this conclusion:
That stuff and nonsense, mirth and merriment,
Could take away my cold dispassion,
Or banish it, in magic fashion,
So I’d not know just where it went,
And gladly hold to joy’s illusion.


So that brings us to this week’s entry into the illusory fray.

What is, is. What isn’t only might, or might not, be

Definition plays a part
When speaking of illusions.
Of course it plays the same part
In reality’s allusions.

We none of us (at least not I)
Have any idea at all
of what is real, or really not,
In any given coin-tosser’s call.

If the world, as Will said long ago
is a stage, and we are merely players?
One can see the truth in that, but
I surely there are some nay-sayers!

For one thing, some are better
at playing through their lives.
Some might truly marvel at
the myriad spectacular jigs and jives,

of those who wish we’d all believe
that spirit is not,  nor never was, real,
The only thing one can believe
Is what  their eyes see and what their hands feel.

So when we earnestly consider
If illusion is, or could be reality
We’ve wasted a lot of precious time
On unadulterated impracticality.

Didn’t Doris sing it in that movie way back when –
“The Man Who Knew Too Much”  – “Que sera, sera?”
Cause that man knew almost nothing, not even in the end
What may or may not have been, , could be real, or not – Tra-la!


Three poems for the price of one. . .that’s enough. . .