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wordle 136



How can it be possible
to hold in such high regard
someone with whom you disagree
about fundamental things?

The mysteries of friendships,
even those found in the blogosphere,
will come about despite a gap
that perhaps is evident in age,
or choice of lifestyle
cannot lessen the respect
for a relationship created
with one who holds so dear
the virtues of a way to live,
that has been freely formed and made.

To think, to see, and recognize
each other as the product
of our habits,
(made and unmade)
our cycles, quirks, and give and take
of the forever and the everyday
will not be the undoing.
of a friendship
formed in discovery, the gathering
of differences and likenesses,
the sharing of suffering and joy,
nor in our moments of connection
however long,
however brief,

To agree to disagree
is a fine way
to be friends.

To all my readers, I wish the abundance of enough. . .

(This poem is for Nancy R, Hatch of “Spirit Lights the Way.”)