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Gone Fishing

Hello to all my lovely dear and Gentle Readers!  And a HAPPY 2014!  Wrote this bit of silliness below for a topic given me on Goodreads.  The topic?  “Internet Flirtation”  Hope you enjoy it.

A Brief Flirtation

I could not have known
my life would end this way.
Now too late to consummate with you
the love I’d always dreamed of,
I find you struggling with me
without effect, trapped
in the trawler’s mighty net.

Did you ever know or feel
the desire I felt, tried
to pulse your way each time
you drifted by? There must
have been many others, most
more worthy of your affection,
who flirted and played, who
were not turned away by your
deft refusals to play at love.

I curse the time I had the chance
to burble out my heart’s delight;
curse that time I shyly veered off,
left you to others. I could not
bring myself to tell you that I love you,
and now, even could I shout, it is too late.
Too late, yet I will push myself deeper
into the net, farther from escape, but
closer to you.

At least, as we sense the waters
rush past our gills one last time,
before the net is hefted out of life
to our death, I will not be shy.
You may see it, if at all, as merely
a desperate inter-net flirtation,
but I will know that in the end,
I was not afraid, nor too shy
to tell you “I love you,” and “Good-bye.”


I know, I know. . .oh, brother! Couldn’t resist the temptation. . .

Maybe I’ll be picking up my “posting pace” a bit now that the New Year has arrived, but why that should make any difference to Sonya, I don’t know. However, I did receive a new Kindle Fire, this one the Fire HDX as a gift from son Adam.  (You might recall that my other Fire was stolen last September.) Now that she knows she is not as needed as she has been, Sonya might begin to behave better, although I have had to redo this paragraph several times. . .

My wish and prayer for you all, my Gentle Readers is that you continue to enjoy the abundant blessings of enough. . .