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Wordle 143

The Sunday Whirl, January 12, 2014

This paper bag was especially made
from recycled paper and will biodegrade.
And if I drop a paper cup,
(that no one likely will pick up),
upon some virgin scene, remote,
who will be there to emote
and cry about some scene impacted
by some thoughtless way I’ve acted?

The careless ones don’t pay the price,
They just get a second cup for ice
to cool their drink while by the pool.
They send their kids to litter school
where they learn to dump their trash
just to earn recycling cash.
If they see no money in it,
they’ll find some easier way to win it.

I wish there was some loud alarm
that sounded when fools did such harm
by tossing junk and turning away
leaving behind an unsightly array
that haunts the highways and the fields.
When it blared, police with shields
would storm in at once, and lock ’em up –
and, in hopes to shock ’em up

they’d have to stay there for the time
needed for trash used in their crime
to sink into the suffering earth
and break down to some thing of worth.
The clocks in their cells would illuminate
how long it takes to eliminate
their cast-offs from now lifeless lands
rendered so by their deadly hands.

So, the trash was said to be biodegradable –
that point is specious and not debatable.
I’d like to travel around the world
and see it – not the trash that’s hurled
by those who think it will disappear
if not right away, then perhaps next year.
Our land, seas, and space are so crammed with stuff –
It’s time to fight back.  Enough is enough. . .