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Hidden. . .

Hidden. . .



. . .in plain sight.

. . .in plain sight.










It is Good Friday. Such a Holy Day for me, and each year it becomes more and more special, sacred, set apart.. This day is like the Passover, that sacred Jewish day that is different from all other days.  Jesus, being both fully human and fully divine, through his sacrificial death, made this day both horrifying and sublime..  There is nothing I can add to the story of this day that is not told in the scriptures, but I will re-post the following poem (somewhat edited) that I wrote two years ago, that is my effort to describe my version of the transcendence of this day.

Hidden in Plain Sight

At the core of everything,
each particle of God’s creation,
there lies the heart within the heart,
the seed within the seed.
In the seed is the idea
God planted in the beginning.
Before all things were created
there was eternity, and before eternity
there is God –

There is intention in all things,
there is progression,
a great evolution –
from nothing to everything,
from darkness to light,
from birth to death, and
death to new birth.
Within each birth,
there is God –

Calling us, teaching:
Live the intention;
emerge from the cocoon;
break the shell of the egg.
In all there is ending,
making way for beginning.
Within each egg, Easter.
within Easter, creation,
within all of Creation,
there is God.


Remember:  It’s Friday. . .Sunday’s coming!

For all my Gentle Readers, I wish a life of new beginnings, every day a resurrection, every night a benediction, and every morning new hope, new birth, a promise kept, and the abundance of enough. . .