I’m taking the plunge.

Yes, dear Gentle Readers, I am going to e-publish a collection of my poems and short stories. If I manage to sell around 150-200 copies, at $1.99 each, I will publish soft-cover copies as well.

Some of you may see this as sheer folly. Perhaps it is only an exercise in self-aggrandizement, and that’s OK. What it is for me is an actualization of growth in achieving a better self-image. Most of you know that I have battled a sense of worthlessness of self, but I have been working hard on eliminating the lousy opinion I have always had of my work. In the last couple of months I have been reviewing my poetry, short stories, and memoir essays. I seldom re-read my things because I have considered most of it as “fluff,” and unworthy of a second look. To my surprise, having given myself sufficient time between writing and editing/reviewing, I have discovered that with a bit of trimming and rearranging, some of my work is not even half bad! My ability to say and or write that is a huge step forward for me.

I do not have a long list of followers, but the ones I do have are loyal and kind, and generous in their praise, for which I am extremely grateful. I have not been a very good reciprocator of those kindnesses lately, no matter how good my intentions, and I have not been the compulsive/impulsive poster of months past. I apologize to those who have commented even when I have not replied, but at least I have been very busy writing and taking lots of photos. In addition, I have been reading your blogs. I try to remember to at least press the “like” button, but I have become forgetful or lax in that practice. Again, apologies! It might please you all to know that I have chosen a superb set of bloggers to follow, because I have yet to read a post that I don’t like. They are either amusing, informative, or amazing, and frequently all of those and more! Well done and kudos to all of you.

Now I have embarked on a new adventure, I will post occasionally on my progress, and even offer lessons I learn along the way. From what I’ve read, you are all worthy of giving publishing a try. BTW, it is likely that I will be including some of my photography, if it is relevant to the written work. I have also been working on a set of greeting cards for different occasions, this time not blank inside. Remember, I also do “custom” greeting cards. If you find one of my photos appealing, and have a favorite quotation, I will “create” the card to your specifications – inside blank, or with a message, or I can do postcards as well. All of this for a price on par with or less than cards available in stores today. Add custom-designed stationery to that list of products. If you are genuinely interested, contact me on my “Contact Me” page, and I will be happy to send you some samples for a modest fee, plus postage.

Here endeth the self-promotional advertisement. Thank you for your kind attention!

Ellen DeGeneres, in one of her wonderful stand-up routines, talks about her own efforts at ridding herself of the neurotic, addictive need for the approval of others. She says that she is on the patch right now, which releases small doses of approval until she no longer craves it. Then she will rip it off. I am now on that patch, so small doses of your approval are welcome, but not necessary! I’ll self-publish anyway!

At last, I’m coming close to be able to state, firmly, “I don’t need your approval. My own will be enough. . .”