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There is inside of all of us

good and bad; there are singing angels, out of the

unending supply of bolts of seraphs’ wing,

our terran couture was designed, intricate and unique

The baubles, and sequins, tiny seed pearls –

these were applied with the utmost skill

made out of our choice, dedicated, unwavering, the

chuckle and laugh, smiling at one another as

they stitch until there is no need for want

for the time being.


The simple garments come togeher with care for need.

The imps glance curiously from time to time.

What is the point, they shake their heads.

“See how we give to those who want, more even,

for we have tired of what we have, we crave new!”

We will give out of our wealth! See us, Master!”

Want shreds the quality of what is made, cares not how it

is given over to their paltry ministrations.

It is here in the heart of creation

that need and want are fashioned.


Here, where some busy, smiling cherubim has

let a stitch loose, a thread ravel, a

hole grow. Observant little miscreants cover over, layer the error they

suppose to be unnoticed, with shining cheap tinsel.


The Creator has seen and planned it all

Every pattern cut sewn and fitted uniquely

as each who wears can only be. Each dropped

stitch or guided fault is there to show us

what we need. Want is only the self-servng deception

of cake for bread.


Want destroys with sparkling sugars. Yet time

after time we replace the want with other sweetmeat

we devise for ourselves. Want covers need and hides

us from true hunger.  Each of us will face the

reckoning. “Whose need did you fill, or for whom

did you replace need with worthless riches?”


We are called to give away all we have. The Master of all has seen to

every need. But the shiny extras

are not needed by the ones who give nor the ones

who receive. Diamonds are not shelter, nor are seed

pearls meant to be sewn and harvested to feed the hungry


The reckoning comes. Day by forever, or moment by eternity

we will hear the call. One by one, Awake! Open your eyes

and see that you are all called together. You were made to

live as one.


As we face our Maker, in His hands is held unmeasurable

yards of seraphs’  wing to clothe first those who need, or loved,

followed by the ringing sound of bangles shattering to the floor of heaven,

waking and revealing to all who were clothed in wealth.

We realize all that was needed was to give what we needed away –

that want and need are one.


And still with love God looks upon us, as we each become aware

of our crippling ignorance of what we cared not to know.

In staggering pardon we are graced with the incomprehensible 

enough. . .