I received a comment on this particular post this morning from a blogger who names him or herself “roblox robux hack download,” which made me suspicious, so I am not “accepting” the comment, on the outside chance of downloading something harmful, but when I went back to look at the post it was referring to, I decided to repost it. . .it is still so on point. Absolutely TIMELESS! Along with me, haven’t you all had enough. . .?

Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror

I was searching this morning for a YouTube video of the Smothers Brothers singing a version of the old folk song, “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair.”  Their version goes “Black is the Color of My Love’s True Hair.” They tagged the song with the final line, “But only her hairdresser know for sure!”  I couldn’t find that one, but it is/was very funny.  Anyway, while searching, I stumbled on the following funny, ironic, and ultimately sad video from their TV show, this clip was written and performed in 1968. How prescient can you get?  I mean, it is so spot-on it could be performed today without one single change in words and still be completely relevant.  It seems we Americans have made no progress and learned nothing in the past 42 years. *sigh*  Here it is – Enjoy!

Haven’t we all had enough?

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