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More than the berries on the Winterberry bush!

More than the berries on the Winterberry bush!

I am repeating myself here, at least in topic, redoing a post dated January 27, 2011,  called “Just a drop in the bucket. . .” To understand what I will be discussing here fully, I suggest you link on and go back to at least give it a scan. Once you see it, you’ll remember whether you read it back then.  It began with the following paragraph:

“I believe on more than one occasion I have pointed out that I do not write this blog for the sole purpose of gaining a large readership.  I write this blog for my enjoyment and mental exercise.  The fact that I have managed to gain a readership of any size astounds me!  Not so much because it means that x number of people have visited and/or read my blog, but that x number of people have responded to my relentless campaigning/complaining.  (I figure those two words rhymed for a reason!)” (Approximate total number of hits in my first year was 3,300)

Well, close to four years have gone by since I wrote that post, and I am interested in finding out exactly how much my readership stats have changed since then. Certainly, the world population has changed.   Back then, from figures calculated from mid 2010, the world population was 6,800,000,000.  It is now as of 2013, anyway, 7,125,000,000.  That means that 325,000,000 have been added, a number that includes the deaths and alien abductions that have taken place, so that number could certainly be off by a considerable margin, considering the increasing reports of alien abductions lately. Of course, some of those abducted have been replaced by alien/human hybrids, so that would affect the population as well.

Back then, 3,300 humans and/or hybrids from 45 countries had visited my site, since I had moved from Blogspot to WordPress at the end of September, 2010. As of today, 153 countries are represented, the latest being Botswana.  That’s a jump of 108 countries.  I also wish to point out that I am still missing a flag from one holdout province in Canada: The Northwest Territories .  A true disappointment on my part, but I have debased myself enough pleading for just one click from that particular province.

Now, on to the statistical part. I know that most of you are dying to know what the percentage of world population  has given me a “hit.” (I always ignore the number of multiple hits from one reader, so just shut up about that, OK?) The total number of hits as of the current moment (4:35 p.m. EDT) is 71,691.  That’s a jump of 68,391.  Still a drop in the bucket compared to a number of blogs, many of them blogging for a considerably shorter time than I, but as I have said before, it’s my blog and my bucket, and I’m glad to report that the number of drops in said bucket are increasing.

So the current calculation of the percentage of the world population that has clicked on my blog (whether by mistake or not) is:


WOW!  Do you realize what that means?  If you don’t that means that the percentage of the world population that has clicked on my blog has risen by:


More than a 1% rise!  If I keep going this way, I might reach a 2% rise by the time I die at the ripe old age of 103 (that’s just an estimate!)) If my math is wrong, I instruct all of you, my Gentle Readers, to ignore it, and not inform me of such trivial things.  Except of course if it is wrong in my favor.

I can also report that the growth of followers of my blog has grown exponentially! When I left Blogspot I had 18 followers.  As of this morning, I have 482. Lately I have aided as many as 2 to 4 new followers per week, which means I’ll reach the 500 mark very soon.  I wish I could tell you why that number has gone up so quickly (200 or more in the past 3 or 4 months – amazing!).  If and when I can figure it out, I will let you know. Adding to that statistic is a large percentage of those 482 visit my blog more than once, and many are regular readers.  Again, I know of many bloggers for whom 482 would be a disappointment, but I am truly quite pleased – like I said, “My blog, My bucket!”

So, from now on, if I choose to update this blog post again, I’m changing the title to “I think I need a bigger bucket!”

I wish you all what I have enjoyed to the fullest:  The abundant blessings of enough. . .

P.S. as of 6:20 p.m. today, EDT, I have had 71,704. You do the math!