(This photo is here only because I like it and it was easy to get at from my Kindle.)

I am still alive one way or another,

I still continue to read and write.

I am even taking photos from time to time

when permission is granted by my medical Big Brother.

There is really no excuse for having taken leave

of my wonderful loyal readership,

except to tell you the possibility exists

that my promised book will make the lists

of trivial schlock available to purchase

via print or digital means. I expect by Christmas

or sometime during the hanging of the greens.

Perhaps I’m being optimistic – not the first time, I know,

but telling you it’s possible keeps me working hard, and so –

I have posted this dreadful ditty to prepare you for the fact

that a collection of my poetry will be available soon*

In digital form and/or paperback.

Nothing more concrete to tell you, so for now, this will have to be enough. . .

(*soon. . .a highly relative term. Take it as you will. . . And it will be cheap, inexpensive. I am also preparing a post to celebrate Hub’s and my 39th wedding anniversary on this Saturday. You will be hearing from me again soon without an * on that one!))