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On the very bottom of my blog’s “front page,” if you scroll all the way down, you will find my “about.me” page link. The profile photo seen there is one I took on the day of our final snow last winter (2013-2014). It is one of my favorite photos from last year. It is a view of the back edge of our property, visible from the kitchen windows on the west side of our house.

If you read yesterday’s post, then you might remember my snarky comments about “premature” weather forecasts, and their almost inevitably opposite outcome. As you all know, I am always ready to admit when I am wrong (cue my husband’s snort and loud guffaw), and in this case (but remember I said “almost”), it turns out that I was indeed wrong. It started lightly snowing last night around 11p.m., and is still snowing – sometimes lightly, and other times considerably heavier. And, because I love snow, it is very beautiful to see. The wind is blowing a lot (Wonder where phrases that refer to the wind as “blowing” came from? What else does wind do?), so I doubt that the scene of snow-covered, tangled and entwined branches will last much longer. But seeing it this morning got me thinking in poetic terms (what else is new?):


Tangled and Entwined

Reaching out to one another,

a vision of protective affection,

the trees and bushes and vines

embrace one another. The snow,

weighting each bare limb and twig

has created a vision of unity–

one dense winter form out of

summer’s many. I ponder, dream

of a world united and warmed,

wrapping our arms around each other,

in a bond of mutual respect, protection,

and kindly affection.


For all of you, my Gentle Readers, I wish a life of warmth, protection, comfort and affection – symbolic of a life filled with the abundance of enough. . .