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Ashley and I finally found a way and some time to take a trip to the OBX for the #1 purpose of visiting; our beautiful Zoe, that’s “Z – O – double dot E,” as our now 4-year-old granddaughter, very proudly proclIms.

As hard to believe as it must be, she has grown more beautiful with every passing day. Her copper hair has been summer lightened to a bright strawberry blond. We had not seen Zoe “with two dots on the e” since last Christmas, so the change has been dramatic.

We have been concerned and in prayer for Zoe and her mom Suddie, and of course her Dad – our son Matt. I am not certain whether I have revealed to all of you, my Gentle Readers, that last Spring, Suddie And Matt separated. Financial difficulties, among a host of other personality conflicts resulted in an untenable relationship. It has been a horrible circumstances for the three of them to say nothing of the overwhelming sadness that has been a part of my and my husband’s life for the past several months.

Matt has moved to Chicago, and is sharing an apartment with his brother Adam, who has been incredibly supportive throughout. Both Matt and Suddie are essentially broke. Job opportunities in Chicago are better than they are on the OBX, and while he has not yet found a job commensurate with his education (he has degrees in business and finance), he is temporarily bartending at an upscale, trendy restaurant within walking distance of his home. One of the reasons he moved there, besides Adam’s offer, was that Suddie and Zoe were moving to Louisville, Kentucky, not too terribly far from Chicago even though Suddie has always insisted on living on the OBX despite the lack of living-wage job opportunities. She decided on her own, however, to move to Kentucky because her father lives there and was able to offer her a place to live.

That was great for Matt, because it put him less than three hours away from Zoe. But Suddie soon found that living with her father was too difficult, and she moved back to the OBX, and is now sharing a house with some friends there. Matt is able to keep in touch with Zoe via Skype,  but he had not been able to hold his beloved daughter in his arms until her fourth birthday in September. He had to sell his car to make the trip, and while he and Zoe shared a wonderful time together, it was all too short for both of them. Zoe adores her Daddy, and vice-versa.

Plenty of heartbreak to go around. Add to that that I took my camera in order to take far too many photos, but the last time I used my camera, I failed to reinsert my CF card. So I could take no photos. I thought for certain I would be able to purchase one once we arrived, but no dice. They were not available anywhere (I usually get them on-line, and we were not there long enough to allow for that.)

So I have no new photos of Zoe. Ashley did have his point and shoot with him, but It won’t know until I get home to find if any of those are any good. I hope and pray so.

I also want to report to you that Suddie and Ashley and I get along beautifully. We love her dearly and always will. She is our first daughter and nothing she can say or do can ever keep us from loving her. She is doing her best to be a good Mom in a difficult situation. We were able to keep Zoe with us for a day, and she even was happy to have a sleep-over with us one night, which was a delight for us! She knew her NeeNee and DeeDee right away and told us more than once how much she loves us. Tears flowed easily and freely and there were even more smiles and laughter.

So, at last, it is with a deep abiding heartbreak that I cannot share photos with you today,  but I do hope to have at least one or two after we get home tomorrow.

With love and concern for all the joy and sorrow you may be experiencing, my Gentle Readers, I offer prayers of thanksgiving and healing for you. I ask the same of you all for Zoe, Suddie, Matt, and Ashley and me. We will continue on in the sure confidence that God will supply our every need with the abundance of enough. . .