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It I get this silly post done fast enough, it will be in time to appear here on my birthday, April 15.  So, since I’m in a hurry, here goes:

(With apologies to Paul McCartney and John Lennon)


Another year older, dyeing my hair
(For quite a few years, now)
Will you still decide to read my WordPress posts:
Poems and rants, and stories of ghosts?
If I stop posting for a month or three
Will you shut your door?
Will you still read me, act like you need me
Now that I’m sixty-four?

You’ll be older, too
And if you just say the word,
I will pledge to read you.

I can be funny, or tell a sad tale
Try to scare you in the dark
You can drink your coffee;  have a cup of tea
Enjoy it even more when there are no new posts by me
But I can write poetry when given great prompts
And I don’t really keep score —
So you could still read me, pretend you need me,
Now that I’m sixty-four.

Sometimes I make the choice to rent a cottage on the OBX
If the cost is not too dear.
I will scrimp and save
Photograph grandkids on their DeeDee’s knee
Zoë, or maybe a Mark, or Dave.

So please write a comment down below this post
Telling me if you’ll agree
Indicate precisely how you love and adore me
Even if there’s someone you say you might love more than me
Give me an answer, fill out the form
Even if you’ve never done it before
Tell me you’ll need me and continue to read me
Even though I’m sixty-four!


It’s a bit late, but since I’ll be 64 for an entire year, I guess it’s soon enough. . .