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Since I have not posted much here this month, I thought I would close out the month of April with a bit of fun, and maybe bid farewell to rough winter weather at the same time. I am posting for you a patody that I wrote of a famous Robert Frost poem, for my page at All Poetry.com.  I hope you enjoy it, and please remember, no disrespect for the great poet was intended!

This is not meant to bring down upon myself the wrath of Frost fans! Indeed,  I am one of them, too. But recently, when I came  across his “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” poem again, I started to wonder how anyone could go for miles and miles on a horsedrawn cart without takng a bathroom break! Then it was I realized just why he had stopped by the Woods on a Snowy Evening.

Stopping to Pee on a Snowy Evening

What place this was, I could not see,
It was dark,  but there was a tree,
I did not think that it would care
Nor know that I was filled with pee.

I hoped that noone would be there,
To watch me as I had to bare
My rear end like a bright full moon
Just as white, but not as fair.

I wished it was a summer’s night
Instead, a cold wind was my plight,
And blowing snow!  I was annoyed
I’d drunk that liter-full of Sprite.

So now this spot has been employed,
Put to good use, for I’d not enjoyed
The ache that made me stop to void,
The ache that made me stop to void.


As Nancy Hatch says, “Ahhh. . .that’s better!” (And it is enough. . .)