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I live in the mountains of western North Carolina, a lovely little town called Waynesville.  Come on up, down, or over and visit me anytime.  I’ll be standing on the front porch waiting to welcome you.  In the Spring, Summer, and Fall, there are rocking chairs just right for rocking, and in our yard, under the cherry tree, there is a lovely covered swing, perfect for  enjoying the view, or you can even fold it out like a bed and have a nap.  In the Winter, we have a lovely toasty room reserved for you, and my rather large library is always available.  Hubs and I would love to feed you either my own cooking, or we’ll take you out to one of our favorite restaurants.  You can meet at least two of our sons, who now live nearby, and their wives, and the star attraction is our beautiful granddaughter, Zoë!  So come on!

Of course, I recognize that for many of you this is not a feasible idea, so in lieu of that, keep in touch another way!  E-Mail!  Now, there’s a novel idea that’s sure to catch on!  The best way to reach me is through either of two addresses: –  or  –

So, if you have any burning questions I have not answered ad nauseum in my blog, or you want a private “chat” –  then shoot me a note, and I’ll get back to you to answer your questions.  (I’m on Skype, too – are you?)  If there is something you have always wanted to know, then ask me – I’ll give you an answer.  I’m not saying it will necessarily be the right one, but it will be an answer!  My Mom always used to say that if people asked her a question then they deserved an answer.  If they expected the right answer, they were taking their chances, and they got whatever answer occurred to her at the time.  So, you can take your chances, and ask me!  You just never know. . .

So, until I hear from you, I’ll just assume you either aren’t lonely enough to get in touch, or you already know everything!

I wish you all the best, moreover, I wish you enough. . .

Come and rock a spell. . .


Available for resting or napping. . .


21 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. Nützliche Infos. Hoffe auf weitere gute Beiträge in die Zukunft sehen.

  2. Hi Paula! Huge grin on my face! Hope you are doing ok – I too continue to have dreams of Church together!

    You wrote a blog post a while ago with a link to your poem The Mourning Doves.

    We would love your permission to post it for this months Ten of the Best Short Poetry

    Still young so we’ve skipped some months! But your poem stuck on us here and we would love your permission.

    You retain all rights unreservedly at all times – what we do is select the image for the piece.

    You can reach us at

    I’m so looking forward to hearing from you!


    • Of course you may use the poem! (Not one of my best – it is very emotional, reflecting some of my grief over the death of one of my favorite authors.) I have a beautiful photo taken by a friend of a mourning dove sitting on one of her young ones in their next. As long as you give her credit, I’m know she won’t mind your using it if you wish. I’ll send the link to the poem and photo in an e-mail if that’s OK. Which one do you still use?

  3. Hi Paula,
    I watched your photographs of fireworks. It captured them in an excellent way.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them Eloise, and so nice to know that you’ve visited my site(s)! Hope you are doing well. Our life is busy, busy, busy! I have been engaged in writing a duet for me and a soprano from our church choir to sing the last Sunday of August. I had it almost completed and then I lost 1/2 of the file – just about killed me. I think I’ll be able to recover it, but I am not sure. . .it really hurts when that happens – especially since I need to have the music for the soprano and our pianist tomorrow evening! What a pain! I guess, if I don’t find it, I’ll be up late tonight rewriting it! Oh well. . .life does go on! Otherwise I am doing well – just tired, as usual! TTYL!

  4. Hi, Paula,

    Yes, it was I, Doug from Goodreads.

    I’ve been busy.

  5. Paula, I narrated your 3 M’s blog. Its the one I found which fit in Does This Happen to You. You’ll find it here,

  6. Hi Paula,

    Thanks for listening to my podcast, Does This Happen to You. I’d love to narrate your blogs which fit into Does this Happen to You. I’ll take a look but do you have certain ones you’d like to hear which fit my theme?


  7. Lovely intro. Thank you!

    I’ve not been to the Carolinas, but they do hold a special allure.

    Your pics here are perfect. Bravo! 😉

  8. wildwillows said:

    I loved reading your blog so far and I to have Bipolar and other medical issuses Im dealing with so I can so realate to the rapid cycling right now. I hope we chat soon I would so like to get to know you better. Oh yes Im new to this blogging thing but so far im doing ok getting my feelings out there its helping.

  9. I wanted to thank you for the comment you left at my blog, Conversations with MaryAnn Kempher (Twitters JAustenwannabe). I’m glad you’ve enjoyed what i’ve written. Some people write in their blogs every day, sometimes a few times. You’ll find that if you check mine, there won’t be new things often. I post once a month, maybe twice. Check my twitter profile now and then, if I have a new blog post I’ll have tweeted about it.

    Thanks again, I’ve subscribed to your blog too.

    MaryAnn Kempher

  10. G’day Paula, read your comment on goodreads, thank you, I’m not a prolific computer user but I have recently started a blog (which I should visit more) I enjoyed reading your poetry & stories, well done.

    I hope you don’t mind me adding your blog to mine, David J Delaney ( Dave )

  11. hi paula, thank you for your kind comment on my blog! cheers from berlin.

  12. Bess Carver said:

    It just occurred to me that you may be cutting down on your blog-writing to write a book! Join the crowd!! I’m still working away and hoping to finish by the end of the year on my second try! Misery LOVES company, you know!!!
    Blessings to you and Hubs,
    Bess : )

  13. Hey you wonderful poet you,
    could you send me a shipping address? the kindle version is up and the print is in final proofing and should be available next week. but I need to send you your copy.



  14. Dear Paula,
    thank you very much for leaving such a detailed and lovely comment at my blog! It was much appreciated and treasured! Feel free to make constructive critique on my writing, I’m sure I can learn a lot from you! Will be visiting you often too, regards! Blaga

  15. Dear Paula, I have just discovered your site and blog entries since Chuck put your excellent “Japan thoughts” on his Musings. And what a joy I have found. YOU. Never have we gotten to really share and I am in awe of a great Christian writer sitting in our midst and we have not heard from you at our CWF meetings. Bless your dear heart. You are truly gifted by our loving Lord.
    Thank you for sharing your heart with the www.
    Love, Lucy

  16. Paula–the above is the site of our ‘future’ website, not developed yet, just wanted to save the name….
    I enjoyed your poem ‘The night before….’ —- your new adaptation is very apt, just about all of us can identify!! What is this about a broken arm?? Love the pictures of your house, by the way—any bites yet?? (We haven’t gotten any since the fall, but maybe the spring will bring good luck for both of us!!)
    Happy New Year and keep up the good work!

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