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"Cue curtain. . ."

(Drum roll. . .)

My very first GUEST BLOGGER!!!!

I’m quite certain you are all breathing a wonderful sigh of relief, on realizing this is not yet another post written by yours truly, PTC!  A few days ago, I put out the desperate call for any and all guest bloggers.  I’ve received two positive responses, so far. (Hey, Cin!  I’m waiting! :-D)  I put out the request because, until Sonya and I become better acquainted, I am having difficulty doing original writing completely one-handed, and that hand is my NON-dominant left.   So I send my very heart-felt thanks to my great blog-friend, Nancy Hatch.  She has a wonderful thought-provoking blog known as “Spirit Lights the Way.”  If you haven’t dropped by – and who among my readers hasn’t, might I ask? 😀 – then please do.  Not only will you be rewarded just by reading her interesting articles, (which cover a wide variety of topics), you will occasionally find a debate or two between the two of us. I can’t resist the opportunity to spout off occasionally, or tell a story!

Nancy has come to know me all too well, as her poem below will show!  She has expertly picked up on my prolific use of the ellipsis (“. . .”), but also my rather excessive use of “Hmmm. . .”  I couldn’t be more delighted with her wonderful and loving “lampoon!” When she told me she would help me out, I asked for an “Ode,” hopefully so that I could also add it to my WEbook project called “Odes to the Everyday.”  (I shamelessly provide the link to that project here.)

And don’t let her fool you – Nancy IS a poet!  Here, I’ll prove it:


That Reminds Me . . .
© 2010 Nancy Hatch

This is an Ode (of sorts) ~ a poet, I am not
It’s about PTC and the “gift of gab” she got
Oh, “PTC”?  Hmm . . . How should I explain?
When Paula is so colorful and words so very plain

PTC’s the label applied to Paula Tohline Calhoun
If you don’t already, you’ll get to know her soon
Make a comment below on ANY topic you choose
She’ll respond via her “That Reminds Me . . . ” muse

Song lyrics, Politics, HERstory, or Trivia
Her muse has commentaria on every Activia
PTC’s muse rivals the Library of Congress stacks
And stands ever ready to share a “few fast facts”

Hmm . . . does that mesh with the gift of gab she got?
Fascinating facts?  Yes.  Fast and few?  Probably not
But don’t take my word for it . . . that would be naive
The proof is in the pudding ~ you must taste it to believe

Post a comment or anecdote in the handy box below
Paula’s “That Reminds Me . . . ” muse will hunt high and low
For “just the thing” to share with the gift of gab she got
Wise? Yes.  Amusing?  Of course.  Circumscribed?  Probably not.

So, there you have it!  A most excellent “tribute” to my eloquent writing, superseded only by every other blogger on my blog-roll.  Which reminds me of story. . .

OK.  I’ll wait for another time!  Nancy’s Ode is enough. . .