Reflected Glory – My Adventures in Photography

My dear and gentle readers:  God help me, I have created a new blog – but this one is exclusively for displaying my photographic odyssey – my quest to somehow feel comfortable in calling myself a “Photographer.”  Your visits and comments will be appreciated more than you could ever know.

This site is a work in progress.  please check in occasionally to see my photos, as I slowly get them organized and displayed in a more navigable way.  Thank you for your kind indulgence!

You have all blessed me with your encouragement – My wish for all of you is that you may live your life in the the abundance of enough. . .

Here is the link to:  “Reflected Glory – My Adventures in Photography.”


3 thoughts on “Reflected Glory – My Adventures in Photography”

  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful photos for the Darian Agudelo benefit. They are sure to bring a pretty penny.

  2. how is everything?

    Thanks for being part of Thursday Poets Rally and hope to see you continued support …your input is valued…
    We are giving you the perfect poet award for week 71 today, enjoy!
    If you take it, please nominate another poet in your poem post, and leave your acceptance link under our award post, thank you in advance!
    Happy End of August! Have A Grand September Ahead!
    Looking forward to seeing you in the rally next time again!

  3. Glad you took the news so well, lol. I thought maybe the Thai Internet Police was keeping me from your beautiful pictures. The link is working and I am enjoying. I told you, you were smart!

Reflect back to me here. I covet your comments. . .

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