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I received two new entries in my Blogoversary contest about “Clouds.”  I am so excited to be receiving such a wonderful variety – all of which possess winning qualities.  I certainly am privileged to have a whole host of talented Gentle Readers!  First is another entry from Mands Swinburne:

Clouds ~ Just Clouds!
©Mandy Swinburne 2011

Clouds… just clouds!
They should be so ordinary,
Little white puffs of supposed nothing
Journeying across the skies…

Yet… they fascinate me
In such an elemental way.
Extraordinary in composition
They change and form and disintegrate
In a unique and constant pattern.

Even when I gaze at a clear azure blue sky
They are there in possibility
What an interesting idea!
The thought so surprising
I chuckle to myself…
An unusual perspective
When viewing the blue sky
As an artists canvas…
And what could take shape!

However, not so unusual for a child
Who can lie on their back
Gazing at the sky
Making dragons and knights
Climbing castle motes or sailing ship masts
Just by looking at the clouds in the sky!

Clouds… just clouds
Surely not.

Most definitely not ‘just’ clouds.

They inspire even the most colourful imagination,
In only simple white.

They tumble and rumble on the horizon,
Bringing the promise of rain…
Or a storm of note,
Making one hurry for cover
To avoid the sparks of lightening and clash of thunder
Drenching all in it’s path.

Where next to dissipate,
Will they travel light…
Or take the heavy burden
Of snow, ice or hail
Dispersing on the unsuspecting
An unexpected load!

What words I could use to describe
In detail… my fascination for clouds,
Just clouds?

There are so many… words and feelings
Evoked from seeing clouds, just clouds
As they sail across my skies!



The above photo, entitled “Clouds Without Rain,” was submitted by an entrant known as “PiP.”  Press this to go to the site of this great photographer!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The second part of my post on “My First Car” will be up later today or tomorrow.  I will close this post with the “lost” poem I told you about  earlier this week.   At the suggestion of my friend Nancy Hatch, I searched, again,  through my Word Press “trash” barrel, and there it was.  Granted, it was on a separate page – I had trashed several versions, and the poem was not on any of the ones I had looked through.  So, thanks, Nancy for the help!  Perseverance will out, as they say.  (Who are “they,” anyway? – A question worthy of a blog post, I think!) 

Before “unveiling” my poem to you, I’ll cite the author of the quotation that this post’s title is taken from – William Wordsworth:  “Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting. Not in entire forgetfulness, and not in utter nakedness, but trailing clouds of glory do we come.”  That’s a wonderful thought to either begin or end your day on – so picture yourself wherever you are as though you are leaving a jet-stream in the sky behind you.  Get out there and trail a cloud of glory or two!

Blessed to be a Blessing
© 2011 Paula Tohline Calhoun

Together, we worshiped together
The Spirit was sweet in the air
Rich as caramel, dense with love
Within and beyond us, God’s Spirit there.

Beyond all we knew, beyond us
Yet closer than our own skin
Lifting our voices, singing, singing
Great Spirit, fill us again!

Fill us, frail vessels all, fill us
That we become Spirit, outpouring
Ourselves in service, then gathered again
To worship God’s Spirit, adoring.

In worship together, together again
This circle of love, living Spirit, aflame
Separately burning, together returning
Rejoined and renewed, God’s Spirit proclaim!


Now my day is over.  Whether your day is just beginning or ending, or it’s some time in the middle, I wish you enough. . .