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Nancy Hatch, of Spirit Lights the Way, has put up several posts lately on the subject of happiness.  Where is it?  How do we get it, or find it?  She closes her post “Peace Lies Within,” with a wonderful line:  “Sometimes just the slightest shift in perspective works wonders.”

Both peace and happiness do come from within, and with-out, and beyond; but in the final analysis, you will not retain for long happiness or peace that you have searched for through things or from any outside source.  As I and many have said repeatedly, happiness is a choice – always.  As Nancy said, however, sometimes making that choice requires that we choose as well to change our perspective.  The little slide show I’ve posted below is one of the perspectives that I switch to when I don’t feel well, or happy, or just plain crappy!  If such beauty exists in our granddaughter, her granddaddy, and in the natural world, all around me, why should my heart be sad?

Daily I am given reasons to turn away from depression, ugliness, anger, pain, and sadness.  Even without the photos in front of me, I see these images – and many, many more – and I am reminded of how truly blessed I am.  I have been blessed with enough. . .