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It’s Day 1 for the 2012 Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  Most Sunday’s aren’t included, but this one day is, because it’s the first day of April!  No foolin’!

What shall I begin with, but the letter

It was a little sing-song chant,
In time with skips and steps.
A game to tell the future.
Mapping lives while skipping rope.

Skipped in two-count meter, and
Intoned in breathless rhythm.
Every future was a happy life
With husband and a trade.

Amiable Alice and affable Alan,
Beautiful Betty and balding Bob,
(Etc.), Alphabetically ordered lives,
So much easier with a plan

Each little girl would take her turn
And each knew how it would be
Alice, Betty, Christine, and Debbie
A settled life with a handsome man.

Such perfect dreams by hopeful girls
Made while skipping rope.
Life is ever so much easier
When you have a solid plan.


One letter down – twenty-five to go.  It is enough. . .