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When the creek that you are up (against)
is frozen, solid ice –
No need to pop your cerebral cork
No paddle is needed, this push will suffice:

Wait until the stars come out.
then head off on a tangent.
Point your boat away from fear –
Don’t brood, come up with thoughts less plangent.

Even if your spark is gone
and your candle’s flame is out,
just look around, you’re sure to find
more inspiration strewn about.

And when you’re out of bread, so what?
Get flour and salt, water and yeast,
Mix them together, knead, let rise,
bake til done, then have a feast!

The moral of this Wordle is:

If you’re searching for a rhyme,
and your sources won’t deliver,
then remember me, and this awful poem –
you’ll enjoy your time upriver!


Unless I hear cries for “More! More! More Wordle-poems from PTC!” (and even if I do), I think we shall consider this, the second for today, as enough. . .