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Sidey’s Weekend theme is dancing.  DANCING!  And she seems to be stuck going around in circles because last week’s theme was the circle, and here this week we are given a dancing circle to stimulate our weekend thoughts:

dancing circleI suspect that the size of the image we have been given must have something to do with the nakedness of the dancers.  We must all keep the state of our blogs at the very best (or worst) as a PG-13. (TISTBOOMFC) (Hey – remember those?)

Nevertheless, I am as enticed by the dancing circle as Sidey says she is, so here is my offering for this weekend.

What is a circle but a line?
From the day we enter school it seems
we are taught to form a line.
Implying orderliness, I assume, a straight line
is anything but!

What child do you know – or
were you ever one of those –
who could stand in, paint, or draw
a straight line?  I am not among
the few, nor do I know or care to know
a line that cannot bend.

A Dancing Circle is the perfect line,
it draws each dancer in.  No leader,
no follower, we just join hands, and
move with the rhythm of the spheres.
Straight lines encourage random steps;
A circle dance can move as it will,
but all must move together.

Love is a circle,
as is each life. And even with all
the different drummers, marching
out their own dance, we are all
given the joy of learning the steps.

One day, some day, later on, I guess
there will be no more straight lines,
with leaders and followers, or lonely
wallflowers, diminishing the beauty
of the circle dance by their absence from the ring.

The shortest distance between
war and peace, joy and sorrow,
and pain and relief – between any two points –
is the dancing circle.  Will you take my hand?
Shall we dance?

It takes so few to be enough. . .


Post Script. . .

Can’t think of dancing circles without the following two favorite quotes.  The first, by Edwin Markham, called “Outwitted:”

He drew a circle that shut me out—
Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.
But Love and I had the wit to win:
We drew a circle that took him in!

Many years ago my mother taught a Christian Education class on Fridays at our church that was designed for mentally handicapped people.  My mother had what we refer to as “personal pitch,” but she loved to sing and teach songs in her class, and the students enjoyed the music and lessons as well – catching on easily to my Mom’s infectious enthusiasm.  The following are the lyrics and suggested choreography to a song about  love and the Circle Dance.  Thanks, Sidey for bringing to my mind this wonderful, happy memory!

Love is a circle, round and round.
(circle arms round & round)
Love goes up,
(raise arms up)
And love comes down.
(lower arms)
Love is on the inside,
(point thumbs at chest)
Trying to get out.
(pull hands away from chest)
Love is whirling and twirling about!
(spin in a circle)