If you saw on the comments section in the previous post, the beige wrist wallet has been found – WHEW!   The best part is that when checking it to see which cards were there, so that I would know what needed to be replaced, I found that more was in there than I thought!  It had my driver’s license and all my other essential ID’s, (including all my insurance cards and medic alert card), plus a couple of my less used store-specific credit cards.  I am grateful!

In the black wallet – still, alas, gone – are (were) the most important credit cards – the two debit cards, and our one credit card.  I have begun the process of getting them replaced.  There are other cards in the black wallet that it would be very nice to get back – so I am still hoping there is a good psychic out there in the blogosphere!  As Rose will tell you – I will entertain all suggestions – even the more bizarre ones! (See the comments again!)

Thanks my Gentle Readers.  Keep concentrating on my black wallet – send it a message to find its way home. . .it has kept me waiting long enough. . . 


(wc 195)